Devenomizing of snakes

This procedure should only be attempted by a qualified and experienced veterinarian.

Anesthesia is induced with either a tank induction using Isoflurane or the injectable anesthetic Telazol

Surgery is performed in an operating room using sterile instruments. The surgeon wears a sterile cap mask and gown.

The snake's heart rate, rhythm, ECG, blood oxygen and body temperature are monitored during the procedure.

Surgery consists of an incision made betwee the eye and the lip. The venom duct is isolated from surrounding tissues. The duct is ligated (tied) in two places, and the segment of the duct between the ligatures is removed. The two cut ends are then cauterized. Each stump in sewn into its own pocket of tissue to further prevent the ends of the ducts from ever "finding" each other and reattaching, called recanalization.

This procedure can be done on snakes 12 inches in length or longer.

The cost of surgery is $1250.00 per snake.

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