Bears, wolves, coyotes, foxes, raccoons and the like can be injected with telazol at 2 - 3 mg/lb. I have used Telazol in many cases involving a wide variety of species and had excellent results with it. Its major drawback is its long (but smooth) recovery time. Grizzly bears should get telazol at 3 - 5 mg/lb.

Medetomidine can be used at 0.01mg/lb mixed with telazol at 0.2mg/lb. This combination can be reversed with yohimbine at 0.15mg/kg or atipamazole at 0.2mg/lb. Both these reversing agents are given IV. Medetomidine will slow heart rates significantly. It will also be difficult to find a vein for IV injection as it causes peripheral vasoconstriction. You will have to look for the vein under the tonuge for a vein you can see.

iv tongue

Small animals can be put in an induction chamber made from an aquarium and given isoflurane 5% and nitrous oxide 3L/min with Oxygen 2L/min until anesthesia has been induced. These animals are then intubated and maintained on Isoflurane 1%, nitrous oxide 500mL/min and oxygen 500mL/min.

I have used Telazol orally in canids at 5 - 12 mg/lb. I lace baits with it, strong smelling and tasting baits to cover the smell and taste. Fish flavored cat food usually works best.

Black Bears, I use telazol at 3 mg/lb. Big boars in their dens can usually be done with 500mg total dose. We have done 400 lb boars with 500mg.

FIRST CHOICE Telazol as above.

SECOND CHOICE Medetomidine (0.30mg/kg) and ketamine (3mk/kg).

LAST CHOICE Ketamine/Xylazine

Why I don't like Xylazine

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